Shakti or शक्ति

Hindi for strength, is an apparel brand partnering with women's stitching centers within rural villages in India to empower women and facilitate economic development.

What we do:

In rural India, women are rarely paid wages for their efforts. Many women work on family farms and are generally responsible for over 90% of household work. In Tahtajpur, Uttar Pradesh, a small village in Northern India, only 16 out of 177 women in the village work outside the home.



Our venture connects female-operated stitching centers in rural India to buyers in the United States, providing opportunities for women to earn. We maintain complete transparency in the production and distribution process, empowering our customers to empower others. 

Evidence suggests that earning income may reduce gender bias towards women within the family and enhance her ability to make her own choices. Our tailors report that with earnings from the center, they are building better lives.



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